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Golf Cart Policies for Everyone:
  • - Must be 21 and have a valid drivers license to rent and drive carts and sign rental contract
  • - Golf cart operators are responsible for any damage to personal property or injury to individuals that result from accidents involving that golf cart
  • - Golf carts must be operated properly and safely and driven on roadways only
  • - Do not drive golf carts through campsites
  • - Reckless driving, racing, or horseplay will not be tolerated
  • - Golf carts are not to be operated after sunset or before sunrise
  • - Golf cart Penalties: First Violation of a rule, reckless or underage driving will result in the loss of privilege to rent or operate a golf cart by any guests on the same site during that visit. The Golf cart is taken away from the persons to whom it was rented immediately.
  • - Golf cart can carry maximum of 4 adults

Golf Cart Policies that are Privately Owned:
  • - All privately owned golf carts must have proof of $100,000 insurance and ownership, and must follow park rules.
  • - Campers bringing their own golf cart onto Mountain Lake Campground property must follow all policies stated above.

See Rules and Policies for more information
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